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Tim Rodman | I didn’t want to play, but my dad being the hardworking man he is insisted I make use o

Tim Rodman (creative and talent behind TIMtmMusic) is an electronic dance musician/solo-act from right outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Ever since I was a little boy, I knew music meant so much more to me than what’s common. My parents even have a video of me very early on, playing our coffee table as drums to a Duran Duran classic.

Tim Rodman

I attribute a lot of my inspiration and style to that sort of “New Wave” groove introduced to us in the late 70’s, early 80’s. What really set my creative wheels in motion was thanks to a middle school friend of mine who had burnt me a CD with all the James Bond songs to date. I believe it was track 13, “A View to a Kill” by none other than the 80’s power group, Duran Duran.

After years of concert band, I learned that notes and melodies were never my strong suit, but I knew I could feel rhythm. Eventually, I took this knowledge of classical drum rhythms and applied that (with personal inspirations) to learn how to play a drum kit.

At first, I didn’t want to play, but my Dad being the hardworking man he is insisted I make use of his investment. What could be considered a cheap shot, Dad asked me to grab a soda from the garage. Once there, he locked the door behind me and asked that I give him an hours’ worth of drumming. That then turned to three.

Through numerous bands, one rose above them all. After being recruited to play drums for a very talented, local singer, we ended up winning the 2010 Battle of the Bands at the college I would soon attend after.

Tired of the politics that go into being in a band, I gave up music for a good bit. This eventually led to messing around with creating music via the computer. I had heard of the software Garageband and how groups (like Breathe Carolina) made their way recording a complete album, just by using this software. I could play drums, I could play piano and I could play bass. What else was needed?

I didn't find much inspiration to write until late 2011 when my girlfriend (now wife) and I were in the early stages of dating.

One fateful night on my way out to see her, I stumbled by my keyboard and wrote like I had never written before. The song was called “My Last Wish” and to this day is the first song ever released as TIMtmMusic. This song would eventually be the song she walked down the aisle to. This then began my leg creating my own brand of electronic dance music.

Between various songs and albums, I was granted the opportunity to open for GOLDHOUSE (formerly Breathe Electric), which then led me to meet my future producer, who was also an opener for the same show.

During this time with my new producer, releases such as Patch Me to Awesome (2014) and Echo EP (2015) were created.

The song “Across the Water” soared through the charts in the 2015 Grammy Amplifier competition and I was really beginning to feel I had something unique again. Taking a new love for EDM, and with all the excitement of that song, I shortly wrote “Equally Me (Same Love)” and self-produced and released it on my own. “Equally Me (Same Love)” placed 3rd for electronic submissions in the 2016 Grammy Amplifier competition.

“Equally Me (Same Love)” was what I attribute this burst of something big. Never had I written something I was so passionate about and that my passion resonated within the music created. Numerous singles have been released since then, but nothing like what’s in the works for May 2017.

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