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Rytious | My family hated that fact that I loved music

Lunga Sithole aka Rytious was born 2nd of January 1988, He was raised in Umlazi N-section in Durban Kwa Zulu Natal. He was given the name “Rytious” by his dentist who looked up the meaning of his name Lunga which means Righteousness, but Rytious changed the spelling to mean yin and yen,a balance between good and bad.

The conditions and the environment in which he grew up in inspired him to put his thoughts and feelings to paper and write lyrics to the best music he can possibly make.

Rytious does not only have music on his mind.

Rytious is currently the owner of a company called Tears Of Gold Pty Ltd.

He is a business that tackles many fields as he can handle.


Rytious then moved to Johannesburg where he decided to start working on his,1st album. During his stay with Lungelo, Rytious was then given the opportunity to work with “General” from Chiskop where he was featured on his first single from the album “Ngifuna Imali Yami”.Which made the number 1 spot in the Yfm Hot 9 at 9 Kwaito countdown.

Rytious then left Lungelo to work with Midrand producer “Metabolism” on 2 tracks called “Get Ya Grind On” and “Never leave”. The music video for “Get Your Grind” has been shot and is still circulating on the internet, it also made its debut on Channel O in 2010.

While building his life in Johannesburg and making a name for himself in the music industry, he began working with well known South African producer Dome on his latest album called “Tears of Gold”.

'I started music at 12 years old, my family hated that fact that I loved music and have so much passion for it because I was raised by a very corporate business driven family. I had to learn to find my own capital to pay for studio time, music video and other expenses chasing my dream.

You learn a lot and meet a lot of people in the same position in this industry and you start to help each other out, sometimes those relationships work sometimes they don't usually, if they don't, its due to clash of power, creativity or money.

But on a more positive light, I feel artists should be paid every time they perform, no free shows for exposure nonsense, we work hard on our art form.

The indie platform is on the rise thanks to people like music talks for giving indie artists greatly needed exposure.

We should create more platforms like these where artists can make tons of money without big record labels, i feel in that way that good music will resurface rather then have a bunch of people in a round table who decide which way the music direction should go and pump money into such mind control adventures."

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