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Austen | "I Decided To Emigrate To Australia Leaving Behind That Music Scene, Friends And Famil

Back in 2009 myself and Paul Mayo were involved in a electronic music project called Electro Kill Machine.

This took us on a mini tour of London and a few local festivals supporting the mighty soul singer Alexander O'Neal , yeah an electronic band supporting a soul singer not a good combination .


After a year or two of gigging and writing I decided to emigrate to Australia leaving behind that music scene, friends and family .

This is where Austen eventually was born with Paul in England.

We decided to take Austen around the world using our wonderful technology of the Internet .

With this we were able to draw in many influences including our session musicians from Indonesia Yobbi Ananta & from Perth The Moose.

Also using the soulful vocals of Dean Anderson and the producing talents of Andrew Caramia, these boys brought in a certain style to the project which portrays in elements of the album .

So here we were a band called Austen divided from the corners of the earth putting together an album through sharing files and many MP3 track testing for all to agree on but it worked .

After a few songs a pattern emerged on how we were going to do this and before we knew it an album had been written. Their debut single was released worldwide recently.

Links for the band are as follows:

Malfunction video:

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