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Agnesis | "Josie and I were involved in a car accident on the way to a gig"

Agnesis is a four piece Progressive Rock /Alternative Metal band based in Western Australia.

We combine unusual chord progressions and expressive lyrics to create unique soundscapes over a metal backdrop.

Our sound has been compared to System of a Down, Opeth, Alice in Chains and Katatonia, and our goal as a band is to transport the listener to the same world we visit when we create.

Agnesis was formed by myself, guitarist/vocalist Daniel Christoffersen, and bassist/vocalist Josie Crosby towards the start of 2016.

I had finished a degree in classical music and was making a living from teaching guitar as well as performing in a number of Classical and Metal projects around Western Australia.

All the while, I was composing for no one but myself as the projects I was involved in weren't available as an outlet for my material and the style of my compositions had a progressive edge that didn't quite fit with the more commercial-focused flavour of my main project.

Fortunately, around this time I began teaching at the same school as Josie, a singer-songwriter who was looking for a new project after her move from the states where she was an established musician in the New England music scene.

She encouraged me to start a new project that would allow me to write freely without constraints and create the music that I envisioned, so I began to put time into developing ideas I already had in addition to focusing on writing more material.

Josie and I had worked on a few songs together in the past in a more casual setting, but as I began to arrange my material she added her lyrics to the project, and thus Agnesis was born.

Within a few months, we had several songs finished and auditioned drummers so we could starting performing and subsequently, recording.

After several gigs, we began producing the first EP at home, but were delayed due to issues with the drummer finishing his tracking and the quality of the performance.

Unfortunately, we were forced to move ahead on the recording without him and had to start the tracking from scratch.

Luckily, the drummer from Sanzu, Ben Stanley, offered his talents for our songs and recorded the drums himself within a few days.

Then we were able to track the rest of the parts and produce the two songs before sending them off to Sovereign Studios for mixing and mastering.

We released our first EP on October 28th and it has been well received by the Perth Prog Metal scene in addition to gaining support and radio play throughout Australia and the East coast of America.

Shortly after we finished the tracking, Josie and I were involved in a car accident on the way to a gig. The car was written off, but the instruments and gear were not damaged so we got a lift so we could still make the show and perform.

Over the next couple of days, Josie figured out she had suffered nerve damage in her left arm from the accident and was limited in how much she could play.

Unfortunately, this put everything on hold and the doctors couldn't tell her how long the recovery would take so we had to turndown any new gig offers.

During this time, as the EP was being mixed and mastered, we reevaluated the current line up and amicably decided to part ways with the drummer.

We continued to write and wait out the injuries, using the time to design the EP artwork, make a lyric video, compile lists of radio stations, and other useful promotion necessities for when the EP was released a short time later.

Three months past and Josie was working back up to playing for long enough that we could find a new permanent drummer for the band.

Alex Kent was one of the first drummers to audition and we were were quickly sold on his impressive playing and professionalism. He agreed to join the lineup and we were finally able to start rehearsals for a comeback gig.

The band was growing tight as a trio but decided that there was still space to fill.

Through various connections in our local scene, we were introduced to Mark Kram, who was one of the few Synth/Keytar players around Perth and the extra element completed our sound.

Agnesis has a lot in store for 2017. Now with a complete line up, we have begun work on our next release. It will be Agnesis's first full album and will be available in a few months. In the meantime, you can download our first EP for free at, or listen on our website at You can also catch us at various gigs around Western Australia, and hopefully at a venue near you very soon.

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