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Tani | I Once Read That ‘11:11’ Is The Universal Time For Twin Flames

As I sat down to write one Saturday afternoon at my desk, I went through my checklist of sorts…piping cup of cocoa to the left of me, check. Pen and pad to my right, check. Across the hall, mini-me snoozing soundly, check.

All systems were a-go for a quick midday song writing session and I was ecstatic.

I had been bouncing melodies and concepts off this wonderland of an instrumental sent to me all the way from Poland for what felt like an eternity (that was actually a few hours)…and I just yearned to put the finishing touches on what was one of the most challenging songs for me to ever pen.

Okay, so obviously my process isn’t normally this dramatic, I assure you this. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to emphasize how magical this moment was for me.

A songwriter, since the age of 4, it was my first international collaboration. I fancied the challenge and was just grateful for an opportunity to expand my skill-set with the uber talented, DJ Taek.

I spent most of my time soul searching for universal content that was simple enough to move people all over the globe.


I had always been moved by the romantic fantasy of soul mates, specifically that of twin flames.

The tale of the ‘twin flame love’ says the pair was once one soul before they parted into their own. Once they split, they went looking for each other for what can be lifetimes, to finally reincarnate together and share their love again.

What drew me into this story was that it preaches more self-development than romance. In this story, it’s almost impossible to find your true other half until you have been through enough less than fulfilling relationships and painful experiences along your journey to recognize the highly unusual bond between you two.

It’s apparently unmatchable and so electric that it is deeper than commitment or loyalty. This eternal love is internal.

I did my best to summarize my adoration for spiritual lovers and tell my own story of these special lovers in my new song “11:11 x Harysmo”.

I chose the title because I once read that ‘11:11’ is the universal time for twin flames…If you see this number a lot, you may be pretty close to finding your very own.

Later that same mystical afternoon, my daughter wakes up from her nap (which happens to be both of our favorite time of the day) to say to me, “Wow, Mommy. You sound like the Little Mermaid when you sing your new song!”

So if I didn’t lose you at twin flame, I hope I don’t when I mention that the title of my new EP dropping this spring is The Urban Mermaid Project.

I promise TANI’s not just another millennial dreaming about mermaids that only sings to percussive electronic sounds and pop rhythms…However, she is just another mom that would do anything to make her daughter smile. Including but not limited to - dressing up like a mermaid in the heart of Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd or at Venice Beach.

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