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Jamie Meyer | My Journey to Nashville Is A Little Bit Of A Backwards Story

Thanks so much for listening to my music.

The latest single Holy Ground To Me, contains 2 videos on youtube (Holy Ground To Me & Holy Ground To Me - Part 2) Why 2 videos of the same song?

The reason is I had so much positive response on the original, that I asked fans to send pictures of what defines Holy Ground to them, and after receiving more than hundreds of pictures I went into my video directors studio in Sweden and shot the sequel.

My journey to Nashville is a little bit of a backwards story!

Jamie Meyer

I had traveled back and forth between Sweden and America, without making it to Nashville, for over a decade when I found myself a little down and out in 2011. So I moved back to Sweden.

In early 2012 I was walking the streets of Oslo, Norway and there it was! A poster advertising that Lady Antebellum was coming to Scandinavia for a Tour.

Long story short, In 2012 I got to play as their opening act in Scandinavia. And thats how I got to Nashville that same fall, playing the Bluebird Cafe and instantly started to write and explore the opportunities out here.

Sunday Oct 30 I'm back at The Bluebird again.

If I would give any aspiring musician who are thinking about coming to Nashville some encouraging words, I would say;

1. Just get here. It's truly half the battle. Feel it, Live it, become it!

2. Don't lose musical grip of where you come from. Marry your influences (that may not always be American) with the Nashville sound and the way songs are written here.

3. It's going to take time. Stay focused and positive.

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