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Ambience Of Carolina | From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Would Like To Thank Her

I was born Carolina Arzenti 11 December 1984 in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

I was the youngest of 4 siblings.

Growing up in Melbourne I found a love of music from a young age, and coming from an Italian family I was surrounded by the classics.

Music was always something I would seek in times of comfort and when life got tough through the years.

After working on many solo projects and as a sessional singer around Melbourne, it all didn’t feel right until I had my little girl Monique.

With all the love she brought to my heart, I found creativity and was full of emotion to write about the world.

Ambience Of Carolina

One of the biggest inspirations in my life is my mother.. always caring, supportive made me feel I can do anything.. she was diagnosed with bowel cancer nearly 5 years ago and has fought hard & long, although now her battle is coming regrettably to an end.. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank her for everything she has done for me, her sacrifice for her family has made me into the women, wife, friend and mother I am today.

You taught me that life isn't always rosey & it's tough & you need to pick yourself up build the strength & move on..

Every time I will see a sunflower I will think of you & smile.. I will love you forever & miss you so much it hurts.

Even though I sometimes feel defeated, I hope to live life to the fullest and appreciate everyday and everyone in it as you really don't know where this rollercoaster called life can take you next.

So Song writing, is something I do to get my emotions out of my chest. The beach, the ocean are places I can think clearly, breathe easily & gain solitude. I'm really proud of this EP which is now available.

One of my favourite songs is a cover of the haunting track of Massive Attack”s Teardrop.

The EP is a blend of my life experiences and musical styles all put into one with a electronic backbone.

I love to keep sharing my journey with you all & thank you so much for all the support.

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