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Aged Teen | I Had Almost Abandoned The Electric Guitar Over The Years

Aged Teen is an alternative acoustic rock project by Dario Guarino (here writing, class of 1980), based in Naples, Italy. I chose the monicker “Aged Teen” in 2007, mainly because I found myself jammin' on my then new electric guitar on songs I had written in my teenage. (I would place my “musical teenage” between late 1994 & 1999).

Songs like “Self-Doubt”, “Slight Summer Depression”, or “Desolation” are actually old ones, recently rearranged.

I had almost abandoned the electric guitar over the years, choosing the role of a lead singer for different projects (from stoner metal to Misfits and Ramones cover bands and even some electro-industrial stuff that never got out of a friend's pc). I would later become the singer of an alternative/metal band called Nameless Crime (we released two albums together).

One thing I had never really put aside was the acoustic guitar and, to this day, it stays as my main, if not the only instrument I play. I even have a custom “Aged Teen Guitar” entirely handmade by a good friend of mine!

Aged Teen

I've also been playing solo acoustic shows in local pubs and small clubs for over a decade now, covering rock, pop, blues and country music... Almost everything from Elvis to Depeche Mode I'd dare say! I call these gigs “Graceland – one man acoustic rock”. Back to Aged Teen: I've always been the sole songwriter for this project, but it's been a real band from late 2009 to early 2013 (we recorded an arranged together an EP called “This is not an exit” in 2012).

In 2014/2015 I self-released some videos for my new acoustic tunes and put them on YouTube as a VIDEO EP (“Altered Images”). Two of them were chosen by New York City independent label Factory Fast Records for their Mix-CDs and this led to an even cooler thing: I asked Brian from FFR if they'd release my previous EPs on CD, together with the brand new “Plaster” (2016) and he agreed! “Plaster” was recorded and arranged with ¾ of Nameless Crime (the band's now in a standby state) and you can listen to it on Soundcloud, YouTube etc.

I'm now working a new full-length. I recorded the acoustic guitar parts and I'm not sure what the album will sound like in the end, but I'd love to keep it as raw and acoustic as possible (the ever-present Dario Graziano on drums and the mixer/producer/bassist Alessandro D'Aniello are helping me with the arrangements).

Despite not being officially published by any label, the EP received good reviews and all its six tracks are still played by many web radios.

Aged Teen's already working on 8 brand new songs (and 1 cover) for a new full-length.

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