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Barbara Morison | 'All Kinds of Country'

A weekly show, every Sat Morning 5am - 7am on Sydney's 2SER 107.3FM

If you go into the 2SER studio for an interview you will usually find her canine co-host, blue healer 'Diesel' upside down with his feet against the wall snoozing. Where as a lot of us are fast asleep on Saturday morning at 5.00am, for Barbara and Diesel every Saturday morning at 4.00am without fail, they head off for UTC Sydney Campus where the studio of 2SER is located.

For the last 36 years, Barbara has headed off from her home to bring her show "All Kinds of Country" to Australia and the world. A truly amazing commitment to Country Music and independent radio.

Barbara Morison is a motivated country music supporter in every way, with a deep passion and belief in the importance of Heritage Australian Country Music & the importance of people hearing the wealth of Country Music Talent out there.

Barbara Morison

When I asked Barbara why she volunteers her time to run the show she said:

"Why, well many different reasons really. First & foremost to educate people on 'All Kinds Of Country' Music. Particularly a chance to educate people on our wonderful history of country music that is to often forgotten and not treasured or respected.

Then there is the chance to catch up with friends, plus meet new people,and corny as it sounds spread the word of country music. For me the main problem that we have is that we don't communicate enough.

It's okay to play the music...but it needs more. Like where can I get it, where can I see them, who are they, and why do they do it."

The show does live up to its name 'All Kinds of Country' from Alt Country to Bush Ballad, from Country Rock to Blue Grass from the new pop country sound to old time favourites. This is a show jam packed with interviews by phone and those artists that have the same commitment to get up early in the morning.

Diesel The Dog

I'm sure 'Diesel' is the most selfie'd canines in Australian Radio, with many indie country stars choosing to Facebook, Instagram and tweet their photos with the famous canine.

Although a quiet co-host, the odd bark can be heard on air, particularly as it comes close to the change over before the 7am news, when he hears the next DJ arrive at the studio.

However Barbara has amazing multi-tasking abilities. I have witnessed her on air chatting to me, pick up a phone for the next interview and put it on hold, line up a song on her ipad, put the CRS Disc in the player and throw Diesel a treat from her bag to keep him quiet. All simultaneously and makes it look easy, whist continuing to chat on air.

The show also features chats with festival directors and personalities in the industry, with gig guide and a chart round up of the top 10 report on all the major country music charts including ARIA, Top 40 Country Tracks Chart and Billboard Country Chart in the USA.

There are several ways to tune in on a Saturday morning 5am to 7am on 107.3FM in inner Sydney, via the iPhone App and online at 2SER

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