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Ill Kind | We Were Not Born To Just Sit Around And Watch Our Lives Go By

My name is Robert Charles Munro and I am a passionate hip hop artist from Markham, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in a very face paced lifestyle, living on a natural ravine, playing sports and being involved with many team oriented activities that took up a lot of my time. I started writing music and creating art as something that would help me get my mind off the game.

I remember writing rhymes my parents thought were a little ‘peculiar’. This didn't phase me much.

Later in years, to make a long story short, I had a bad sporting injury that left me with 9+ years of chronic pain and I have used music as a tool for my expression, as a coping mechanism, and as a pursuit for understanding this complicated world.

I want to pay it forward and give my respects to my rap and rock influences while growing up like Nas, 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. Eminem, Andre 3000, Immortal Technique, Wu Tang, Redman, Snoop, Mad Child, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot.

Currently, my favourite artist is Tech N9ne and I think Strange Music is killing it!

The conceptual ideas coming out of the rap game now are pretty weak in some areas, but also very dynamic if you know where to look.

I truly believe in the pursuit of passion.

We were not born to just sit around and watch our lives go by. We have to step up and make a change in the world, by whatever means that is.

I hope to inspire people and act as a positive role model by acting with kindness, resiliency, dignity, commitment, passion and pride for my craft.

The environment is a key issue that I express a lot in my songwriting. Its something I realize needs to be evaluated and approached differently, in order for people to get excited.

'Awakening' is my debut studio album and is compiled of 15 tracks, selected from 25 I recorded with Lonnie Szoke, a Juno award winning producer. Its a privilege to work with Lonnie and I continue to better myself in studio and keep recording here in Toronto.

I am constantly hard at work with my body and mind. I paint, wood carve, produce, film, craft, and always have a fascination for nature and the unveiling of its darkest most inexplicable secrets. I want to bring these visions to life and as my mission is unleashed upon the world, I will give back as much as I can.

I created EnviroHipHop to differentiate me from the rest of the typical rappers these days, and I perform as emcee 'Ill Kind'. I want to showcase a different kind of Hip Hop. Something organic.

The Ill Kind process manifests itself through audio, verbal, and visual cacophonies of imagery---and what we are given now is the spark…genesis…an opening of the doorway to universal perceptions and interstellar possibilities.

From within and being without, there exists a delicate balance between order and chaos, light and darkness, entirety and nothingness.

The AWAKENED are in tune with this inevitable force, and with these sentiments in mind, AWAKENING guides and inspires, while taking us through the transformative odyssey that inhabits all of us.

The onset of this conceptual endeavour explores the perils of the human condition—struggles we all face, the pressures of these socializing agents that attempt to control and enslave, and the power we all have within us to rise up, empower ourselves and each other, and create an existence of meaningful servitude.

While AWAKENING, a deliberate interlude in thought, energy flow and modality takes place…and sets a new stage for transformation to embark. IllKindness begins to spread, as the being sees worth, a justification for his existence, and we are given a kaleidoscopal glimpse into what is becoming…evolving as this force imbibes in the elemental nature of the galaxy itself.

This brings us to moments of clarity and doubt, reflection and resurrection, preparation for a life of cause, of resolve, of greatness….beyond pre-conceived notions prepared by agents of the industrial and economic machines, by mere mortal and driven by (this) planetary’s concept of success, wealth and happiness.

Ill Kind asks the question, “Wanna play?” and concludes with a transformed and elevated being—enlightened, astral, organic.

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SNAPCHAT: @envirohiphop

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