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Anna Dadnia | I Reached Out To E. Smitty On Twitter

Growing up in Heidelberg, Germany, with her father being from Afghanistan and her mother German. Indian ragas and Bollywood music were her first musical influences due to her father’s love for these genres.

"My earliest memories go back to me falling asleep to the ragas my dad listened to“, says Anna.

At the young age of six she took her first piano lessons and just three years later her first vocal lessons.

Shortly after that she started playing and performing in bands but it wasn’t until about two years ago that she began writing her own songs. "I guess it’s simple, I just had to find myself as a person first before I knew what I wanted to be like as an artist: true, authentic. It goes hand in hand."

Moving out of her hometown Heidelberg at the age of 19 to start a new life in Berlin, spending months in both Paris and Los Angeles while meeting so many different people and making unforgettable memories where the causes for the change that came about.

The stories and emotions she experienced are now subject of her upcoming debut EP called "The Season“.

Anna Dadnia

EP The Season

The four-track project was produced by Hobyn "K.O“ Yi (e.g. Jeremih). Joe J. Lee „Kairos“ (Warner Chappell) was the executive producer on three of the songs.

The opportunity to work with Hobyn and Joe from Kairos Music Group as well as E.Smitty arose in January 2016 while I was in Los Angeles.

First the A&R from Kairos Music Group reached out to me to talk about a collaboration. I ended up writing and recording three songs in three days with them starting off with nothing. I basically came up with the first idea, told Hobyn what sound I was looking for for that specific song and he made the first sketch of the beat within 10 min. About an hour later I was ready to record the whole song and what we got out of these sessions are the songs "Waitin’“, "Purple Crown and "The Season“.

Around the same time I reached out to E. Smitty on Twitter to ask if he wanted to work with me and he came up with a beat which was exactly what I was hoping for.

I’m more than happy about this body of work, because it came about during an emotionally stressful time of my life and these songs managed to become a perfect snapshot of who I am and what I felt at that exact time.

This EP is about dreamers, loss, lust and determination.

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