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New Nobility | Taking the independent music scene by storm

New Nobility received an invitation from APRA to participate in a seminar along with Stanley Clark and George Duke, and while its been a long pause, they have returned to music and have been quite busy for the last year preparing an album 'Blue Butterfly' (Revolution).

In 2009 they released an album in the USA, and received international success through BBC, Radio Nova, Rock Band 3, etc.

The band has since received recognition from Song of The Year.

"This year, (2016) we have recorded a new single, 'Fly Over' (United We Are)"

New Nobility

New Nobility is taking the independent music scene by storm.

Already an internationally recognized band, this Sydney-based trio not only woos and pierces the ears of rock lovers with their melodious shredding and vocals (as heard here in Galactic), but also uses their music as a platform to promote justice and world peace.

If the idea of peaceful Hard Rock is making you a bit queasy, don’t worry. This isn’t some Rage Against the Machine/We Are the World crossover. New Nobility administers the right dose of poisonous rock to balance out the peace and activism. With awards, accolades and international attention, the only indie question for these Aussie rockers is how much longer ‘til they’re signed? If you’re a New Nobility virgin, Galactic is the perfect place to get on board. There’s no time wasted getting into this space-love groove, with an urgency of shredding roping in every electric guitar player/lover from Dallas to Delhi. And just as you were praising the resuscitation of the screaming electric guitar, New Nobility’s vocals kick in and coat your eardrums with an even sweeter taste of 70’s Rock. But Rock… that’s a very slippery term to use when describing New Nobility. The Beatles were considered ‘rock’ and so was Led Zeppelin. Metal? Well then we’d be getting into Iron Maiden. I can’t exactly pinpoint what New Nobility should be categorized into, so I won’t do it at all. Their ‘Galactic’ track brings up warm memories of Living Colour, Steve Vai and Dream Theatre all at once. A combination of terrifying guitar licks and dangerous vocals, guided by riffs, rolls and keys - all oozing out beautifully in stadium-sized proportions. If there’s one thing missing with Galactic, it’s the roar of 30,000 people at the end of the song. These guys are built to perform, and the only thing that would improve this astronomical experience, would be hearing it birthed on stage from its three creators. New NobilityThere’s no mistaking the potential in this band, and Galactic only proves New Nobility’s worthiness on the world’s musical stage. A well-selected gem for WeeklyPodcast, Galactic is another audible orgasm and warm ray of sunshine for the infinitude of independent music junkies, like myself, to bask in.

New Nobility members are: Sead Trnka, Josh Maekowsky and Zoran Krga

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