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Tori Forsyth | I probably have an albums worth of material ALMOST ready!

Tori is from the country side in New South Wales, Australia. We interviewed Tori earlier in the year, (and was published on Music Talks in May) on where she grew up, her pet donkey, and her inspiration for her latest single, ‘Johnny and June’...”As i’ve grown to find my own musical inspirations, Johnny Cash and his songwriting has been quite a large influence.”

Tori has since had an exciting year of travel showcasing her music, and if you hear of Tori performing around your neck of the woods, get out and see her, you won't be disappointed.

Tori Forsyth

"Since last speaking with Tracey from music talks, my journey has taken a few sharp turns on all the right directions.

It's been an amazing few months.

Recently, I have released a new single called 'BlackBird' that has seen itself sitting at #9 on the Country Music Official National Chart and receiving a whole lot of love from ABC and community radio.

The video clip has also been added to CMC high rotation. EXCITING!

I'm about to hit the road for a few months touring around Australia, visiting Brisbane, Cairns, Byron Bay and Victoria, just to name a few.

I will also be flying over to the US for Americana fest and a few shows with another country artist, Jemma Nicole.

I'm doing a lot of writing and exciting things are coming up in the next six months, all i can say is, I probably have an albums worth of material ALMOST ready!

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