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Tori Darke | Everything happens for a reason and this gives us courage

TORI DARKE I was honoured when asked to be the very first featured artist on ‘Music Talks’. To have this amazing platform for artists to showcase their talent and for our music to be shared all around the world is very special.

Tori Darke

My second album ‘Silver Lining’ was released in February 2015 to a sold out audience and within a week of my launch ‘Silver Lining’ charted #1 on the ARIA charts which is something one can only dream of.

Touring throughout the east coast of Australia & Tasmania with my new album was exciting and it was wonderful to be blessed with such a gift to be able to share with others.

The last 18 months have been extremely busy, though not without some very difficult challenges and changes in my life. But life goes on and I believe everything happens for a reason and this gives us courage and strength to move forward.

In January I was named a top 5 Finalist in the 2016 Golden Guitar ‘Female Artist of the Year’ Awards which was something I had dreamt of for a very long time and certainly a dream come true and such an honour to be up their with the likes of long standing female artists such as Becci Cole & Catherine Britt.

The last few months have been a whirlwind, firstly performing at the Mt. Isa Rotary Rodeo in Mt Isa and two weeks later headed off to The Gympie Muster. With one day to spare I jumped on a plane back to Sydney to fly out the following day to Nashville where I spent the next 5 weeks song writing for my next new album. On my return from Nashville I had two weeks at home, did a few local gigs and then headed off overseas to perform for the troops, which has been an absolutely amazing experience, and one I will treasure for many years to come.

To finish off the year I am just about to head off on the 2016 #6 Cruisin Country Cruise to the Pacific Island with some other amazing artists for 10 days. I love my job and love what I do so much. Music is my life and fills a special place for me. Everyday is a different challenge and a different story, often told through a song.

I have a booking form on my website where people can book me for any type of event or occasion. People can also message me on Facebook (or any other social media) and simply by email. I'll provide links at the end of this article.

We all have challenges in our life, however it all comes down to how we look at them and take them on board. My music helps to put these challenges into perspective and make changes to be a better person, believe in myself and hopefully help others through my music.

My name is Tori Darke and I hope my music touches you all in some small way.

Booking Enquiries: 0458 286 666

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