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Soundproofed | Knocking people off their perches

Soundproofed is a female fronted Pop and Rock band that has been making its mark on the Sydney live music scene since 2008.

Soundproofed captures the best loved songs from the 80’s through to now, a versatile band that is well suited to intimate venues through to large capacity rock shows.

Soundproofed prides itself on delivering an entertaining show, whatever the venue. They always deliver a great show that punters love.

They are easy to work with and their love of live music is always apparent in any of their shows.

Lo marshall had written her story on Music Talks second edition, back in December 2015. Sharing her experience on her comeback, since having raised two children and entering a very diverse and challenging music scene as a singer/musician.

Soundproofed have since gone from strength to strength, and Lo shares with us, how this year has panned out since her original story.

"Soundproofed is having a great year this year. We have been at this a long time and we are now starting to get more likes on our social media pages and building up a great following.

For me, this has always been a long term thing. With the music industry being the way it is these days, particularly in Australia, it takes a long time to go from level to level.

We now have corporate bookings coming in for the year at some great venues, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

My suggestion to any of you embarking on the Covers Band journey, be aware it takes a long time to get places.

More than that, I would love to see musicians support one another instead if employing the cut throat mentality of knocking people off their perches. There is enough venues for good Covers bands, so let's band together and make the music scene what it was all those years ago."

LO From Soundproofed.

Soundproofed band members:

Lo Marshall - Lead/Vox

Col Booth - Lead Guitar/Vox

Mary Blake - Keytar/Vox

Darren Hamilton - Drums

Leon Gower - Bass/Vox

Graham Marshall - Sound

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