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Kim Banffy | I love that whole 60s/70s thing!

Congratulations Music Talks on going from strength to strength!

I’m very grateful to Music Talks and the indefatiguable Tracey, whose baby it is for providing a quality platform for musicians to promote their music.

After recording my debut album, State Of Bliss, (available on my website: ) in 2014 I played gigs in Qld and NSW and received radio airplay on ABC local radio in Brisbane and Lismore, as well as the community radio network Australia wide. This continued in 2015. My songs Fly Now and Better Than That were on high rotation on two Californian radio stations in 2015 and I actually even got to South Australia for a couple of gigs.

Kim Banffy

In 2016 one thing I am loving is doing warm, intimate house concerts for people and I am happy to travel. A house concert is relatively inexpensive for the audience, very intimate and comfortable, and the performers get paid reasonably, so it’s a win/win/win. *

I’ve also begun playing the festival circuit, with the last few months seeing me at Maleny, Coast Acoustics Gold Coast festival and Buskers By The Creek at Currumbin. I usually play with my bass player, and sometimes also collaborate with a drummer or a solo violinist and/or guitarist.

When I’m not travelling I can also be found occasionally playing local markets in the Byron shire and at Doma Café in Federal in the hinterland behind Byron Bay. I’ve been struggling to get the better of an injury, so haven’t played as much as I would have liked, but thankfully it seems to be resolving after lots of physio exercises!

The songwriting has been ticking along and I’m currently writing more songs and looking to record again next year. I have enough songs to make 2 more albums right now, but it’s finding the right combination of songs to gel as an album and EP that is my goal. I absolutely love the recording process and giving the other musicians the opportunity to interpret my songs. It makes the recording process an organically creative affair, on top of the creativity it took to initially write the songs, and I do my own artwork for the covers.

Speaking of artwork, if you come to my gigs you can buy greeting cards printed with about 30 of my artworks(from oil paintings to abstracts to linocuts and collographs), teatowels with my linoprint designs and limited editon giclee prints of my naïve style artworks, ‘The Journey’ and ‘Seasons’ (both about the spiritual journey of life). All my artwork is also for sale on my website I’ve also just designed fabric for Melbourne company Flarestreet to be made into funky flares, so you’ll see me wearing them on stage! I love that whole 60s/70s thing!

I feel privileged to be able to write and play my music, and share it with people. Joni Mitchell summed it all up when she said (paraphrased here) If you listen to my music and you hear my story then I’ve only done half my job, but if you listen to my music and feel your story then the circle is complete!

*If you would like to host me for a house concert, as long as you give me plenty of warning, I will come to you. See this link:

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