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Makala Cheung | Why On Earth Are We Here?

The biggest question in life could possibly be, who we are - I’ll introduce myself: I’m Makala Cheung, Singer Songwriter Producer making Oriental Electronic Pop - and why on earth we are here - hmm less easy question! I’ve read about this - in so many forms – what is our calling? It started when I read ‘The Element’ and more recently came back into focus when I read ‘The Great Work of Your Life’.

So it says, every one of us is here for a reason and we need to find out what that is, and then do it with all our hearts. We all have gifts and talents, and if we nurture them for a higher purpose and let go of the need for credit or success, then we will feel fulfilled - doing what we are here for – doing it for others.

I truly do believe that everyone is special, everyone is amazing, which is why I also love management – quite a few of my day jobs have involved being a manager, and as well as getting organised, I love to help people discover and share the best of themselves and see them happy. I also believe that everyone is an amazing new friend, which is why I talk to strangers at bus stops and train stations, but that’s another story.

Makala Cheung

So, why am I here…surely it’s not just to socialise!? I’ve read that we should look for hints in our childhood. Besides chatting too much and too loudly, and making up dance routines, there’s only one other thing that I did throughout life – I wrote. I wrote stories, later poems, and then songs (just lyrics and melodies until I much later learned to play keys and then eventually to make music on a computer).

It’s confusing to figure out what our ‘gifts’ are and what we should do with them. I’m also told I’m a great public speaker (though I hate it - it’s so nerve racking!), and I think that just goes hand in hand with good self-expression (like songwriting) and is apparently (according to the book The Life You Were Born To Live) why I also only like exercise if its dancing or martial arts!

Photography: Marcus Way

I think harder. What started out as an exploration of my Chinese heritage, because I felt so far removed from being UK born, has turned into a sharing of culture, through my music and everything that goes with it; the artwork, the imagery, the oriental multi arts ‘Mini Moon Festival’ I put on as a very extravagant album launch last year. Maybe I’m here to share this culture through my music and every art that goes with it?

But I still feel something is missing…

In the new music I am writing (yet to be released) with every song I write I have less lyrics about my personal experiences ( like my song ‘A Little Deeper’ )

- and more with messages that are bigger than just me –like a previous single ‘Imperfections’ about body image and self worth.

And my next video project is for a song I wrote (collaboratively) called ‘Show Love’. My lyrics were written in response to the homophobic hate crimes and law changes across the world, and to the wars I witnessed on the news. More recently I have re-connected with the song in response to some unexpected racist hate crime happening on my doorstep. Yes, writing music has saved me from some dark times in my life, now I want my music to do something for others and not just me.

So maybe not quite an exact answer to why I am here. But, why I am telling you all this? I want everyone to be able to find and recognise their natural talents (I had to fight against years of being pushed away from a creative career, from teachers and family before I finally just started to listen to and trust what my actions and heart had always told me). Please, if you’re not already, listen to the passions of your heart, and nurture your talents - together they could save the world one day…and they will definitely light up yours.

The new video to 'Show Love', was released on my You Tube Channel in September - the month of World Peace Day which is also Makala’s Birthday!

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