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Sonny Hunter | Rock Celebrating Those Affected With Cancer

From an early age learning to play guitar at 10 in Houston,Texas/USA, being accepted in Junior High school stage band, moving to Los Angeles at 18, getting signed to an independent record label for 3 years with literally blood/sweat & tears that went bankrupt in the beginning of his EP recording, Sonny has remarkably maintained his sanity.

Being influenced by artists such as The Commodores, Yes, VanHalen, Trapeze, Sly & The Family Stone, Jeff Beck and David Bowie, with the latest production from Sonny Hunter it is apparent the quality of musicianship he has assembled, can turn on a dime offering audiences a blend of talent from Pop Rock, RockFunk to Classic Rock songs.

Sonny Hunter

The lyrical story behind "Times in Life" started with the passing of the Grandfather of Sonny Hunter who was a General Practitioner who passed and a family friend made the statement "I remember when life wasn’t so confusing", reflecting on medical awareness of Cancer in the 70's.

Sonny lost his father in 2011 to Prostate Cancer who was a strong supporter in the musical journey of Sonny and unfortunately there have been 3 additional family members who have fought this medical topic.

The staggering statistics of those who have either directly or indirectly been affected by Cancer, is 7 out of 10 people have been touched by this challenging epidemic.

Quoting Roger Daltry/The Who, “With the world in such a state of flux, I get puzzled that people are saying so little in music.”

"I agree with Roger Daltry and I felt that creating a rocking song with a story about this medical topic would touch the world and audiences have responded and react in loud applause and screams that I humbly enjoy, yet I hold fun memories of loved ones lost and it brings tears from my eyes on stage"

Sonny shared his remembrance of a stage band school teacher who encouraged him to write songs that reaches a global audience with a lyrical story. Time and age teaches you that, which empowered him to also create “Times in Life” a rock anthem celebrating those who have battled Cancer.

That’s right, Cancer just got ROCKED!

Songs will finish, Applause will roar and Shows will end. “But people will never forget the music and musicians that touched their heart & soul”.

The video was produced by Christian Ray with ThirdDrive Productions in Austin Texas and is posted on YouTube

Blessings and Cheers to those who will share this music journey.

Thank you

Sonny Hunter

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