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Uzi Dre | “The Ghetto Life Made Hip Hop, So Hip Hop Is Me”

Uzi Dre is the name.

I'm a hip hop artist born in Clearwater, Florida, United States. I've also lived in the South Bronx, New York City coming up as a child with my grand parents.

In New York is where I became a true fiend to hip hop. There is where I learned the purpose of hip hop, my purpose and responsibilities as an artist. I was a fan of L.L Cool J, Gang Star, Slick Rick, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, D Nice, Special Ed, KRS 1 and etc. Then the message changed when N.W.A and The Ghetto Boyz sound hit the streets. I would stay in my room for hours rhyming along with the artist on the radio imaging me performing live in front of a crowed.

I eventually moved back to Florida because my grand parents past away and lived with my single parent mother. She supported my passion for hip hop. My mother was a nurse and would always work 80 hour weeks so I hardly saw her.

Being that mom that was hardly around, I would spend lot's of time on the streets with the older kids and relatives who sold drugs.

To see a 12 to 15 year old kid walk around with two, three or four thousand dollars, expensive jewellery and unlimited weed to smoke simply blow my mind.

I wanted in. So I started selling in the projects with my cousins. The first night in less then two hours I made $1,400 profit. That's when I became a true fiend to fast money. My hood fame quickly grew. To fast.

At the age of 13 I found a break from the street life by going to recording studios. Through the mic I expressed my experience on the streets as a product of the ghetto. A child of poverty. After building up street credit in the game, I took a fall for dealing in drugs. I served a large amount of time in Florida’s prison system, but continued to advertise my talent and passion as an artist in Florida’s prison system.

Uzi Dre

After my release from prison custody I made my musical presence known by opening an independent label named True Fiends Entertainment and started performing live events with DJ Kool, DJ Craze, Project Pat, Model/Artist/ Actress Karlie Redd, DJ Magic Mike, Cypress Hills, Jungle Brothers, Ziggy Marly, U2, Rated R, Yuck Mouth, Ice T, Evil-E, Trigga The Gangsta, Smooth the Hustla, Clearwater all Stars, Squirrel James, I have worked with producers 1 D, Blitz, Napolian, Holly Rod & Dre, D. Underwood, Tony P and Timothy 'Krazyfigz' Walls. Through Promotion company Lee Entertainment Louie Dee and Adam Invandino.

I have hosted events with Coco (Ice T’s wife), Warrick Dunn (NFL Player) and Winky Wright (professional boxer). While working closely with radio personality host, 3rd Leg Greg, I recorded the radio commercial for the Kia car company promoting the Kia Rio.

I have made a huge impact on the streets and the internet with my music.

I am not an illusion of entertainment; I am hip hop. “The ghetto life made hip hop so hip hop is me”.

You can follow my musical journey on my social media sites listed below:

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