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Cameron Weaver | Rock

My name is Cameron Weaver and I’m a musician from Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been writing, performing, and recording original music over the past seven years. Once I taught myself three chords on guitar, I wrote my first song.

Recently I’ve been writing and releasing music under the moniker “Staircase Wit”, and I just self-released my debut EP, Unfamiliar Sounds.

“Staircase Wit” essentially means to think of the perfect thing to say after a conversation has already passed. I often find myself holding my tongue in situations where I wished I would have spoken my mind. That’s how I write songs. They are the dialogue that I make up after a struggle with a friend, partner, or with myself. They are all the things I wanted to say to those people in the heat of the moment but couldn’t. I feel that a lot of people get stuck in their own Staircase Wit time and again, and I hope those people can find the words they are looking for through my own.

I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to try my hand at writing songs for other artists to sing. I spent a lot of time trying to write across many different genres. One night I sat down in my studio (bedroom) and I grabbed my guitar. I had just ended it with a girl who was just stringing me along. I told myself that I wanted to write a song about all of that but not for another artist to sing. This song would be just for me. That’s when I wrote the first song, called “Tightrope”, for my EP as “Staircase Wit”. After that, song after song fell out of me over the next few days. Once I started writing songs for myself in a style of music that I’ve always loved (pop punk, alt/rock), I knew that I had started something that I wanted to finish.

In March of this year (2016), I went into a studio in Nashville called 'County Q Productions' with a three-piece band of incredibly talented session musicians to bring my arrangements to life. Working closely with the players, the producers, and engineers, we created “Staircase Wit’s” first EP, "Unfamiliar Sounds". I’ve never felt more proud of something I’ve created.

While I only have three songs released, there are plenty more to come soon.

My hope is that Staircase Wit will resonate with its listeners, bring them all together to help them out in the same way music has always helped me; by giving us all a voice, words to put with our emotions when we just can’t find them on our own.

When I couldn’t find a song that matched how I felt is when I wrote my favourites.

So to those of you reading this, I hope you find something in these Unfamiliar Sounds.

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