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Sarah Rzek

Sarah Rzek is an old musical soul in a young body.

The fresh faced Melbourne Bayside singer/songwriter with a unique, soulful voice has been recording music for over five years and described as a fresh faced talent and has appeared on shows such as Australia’s Got Talent and the Planet Unearth TV show.

More recently, influential music writer Cameron Adams from the Herald-Sun named her among only 3 musicians that he identified as being hot in 2016!

It was in 2015 when Sarah first came to the attention of one Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum who has lost none of his talent for hearing a great voice and recognising amazing talent when a demo recording of ‘This Town’ found its way to him.

Within weeks, Molly was recording the song with Sarah and her band at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne with the assistance of renowned violinist Sally Cooper, the divine Colleen Hewitt with the Wesley College Elsternwick Choir and talented young engineer Matt Neighbour.

‘This Town’ is Sarah’s first major commercial release and is a gorgeous introduction to the twenty-one year old, whos soaring, yet smoky vocal and unique gift for song writing finds her positioned well beyond her years. Sarah is a very welcome new addition to the LUXOR label under the mentorship of Molly.

Sarah is also gaining a strong live hometown following and is planning to tour across the country as the year unfolds.

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